Recently in our school, we had this last day for the 9th grade students, where all collaborators had the opportunity to wish them the best in their future paths they are undertaking. And it was through hugs, handshakes, hugs, tears, joy, and lots of applause, that our students go with stool and life skills learned.

Little is said about what happens inside our doors between teachers and collaborators when our generations leave.

Also, little is talk about the preparation of a day “Where we put up our best face, because it´s all hope”, but without a doubt it is a time of making an assessment of activities, of academic contents, achievements and pending matters inside the classroom. We know we give our students the best of our knowledge, we strive to send wholesome persons, however we will know if we reached every teacher´s dream until they come back to school, now as visitors.

They say that we learn from life experiences, let´s cultivate on them the power of emotions, to express them and to strengthen their spirit to mature in the face of new challenges. It definitely takes a village to raise a child. That´s what we are, and that´s how we teach.


escuela anne sullivan